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Advantages and Disadvantages of Soar Lighting System

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Rural Technology

ADVANTAGES of Solar lighting system :

  • Once solar panels are installed, they produce energy without generating waste or pollution. They operate with little maintenance or intervention.
  • Solar power generation is economically competitive where grid connection or fuel transport is difficult, costly or impossible. For example: satellites, hilly areas, remote locations and when power is not available.
  • The DC power id generated from the panels will be supplied to batteries to get charged.
  • Also the inverters can help us in conversion of DC to AC.
  • Through this pumps can also be operated for lifting of water.( moderate height)
  • Operational cost is almost negligible.

DISADVANTAGES of Solar lighting system:

  • Solar energy systems do not work in night.
  • Solar cells are currently costly and require a large initial capital investment. At present solar panel cost about approx.Rs.300 per watt.
  • For larger applications, big size batteries are required.
  • Maintenance of batteries is always the critical issues.
  • Solar cells are very delicate ( need to be handled carefully)
  • Need high precision machinery for the assembly of panels.
  • The dust from the silicon cells is dangerous to health.( while assembling the panels)
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Rural Technology