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Advantages of Ground Water

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Rural Technology

Advantages of ground water Use of ground water for drinking purpose has various advantages:

  1. Ground water generally does not get polluted, if it is away (at least 20 mtr.) from the sanitary works. The water gets filtered while percolating through sand & stones. Therefore groundwater remains pure and clean.
  2. Since bore well is closed, no risk of getting contaminated.
  3. Since it is closed no danger of children or animals falling into it.
  4. Temperature of deep water remains stable. It feels cool in summer and warm in winter.
  5. Since bore are deep, chances of water remaining available in summer are more.

Intext questions

1. Water level on the earth remains constant( True/ False) 2. Earth surface is covered with 70% of water( True/ False) 3. The area where the water fills the aquifer is called………. Zone( saturated /unsaturated) 4. To dig a well , water peculation details will not help.( True/ False)


  • Deccan Plteue
  • Types of stones
  • Water cycle
  • Ground Water
  • Water contour


  1. Similarities between the ground water flow & electricity flow
  2. Why Himalaya is called youngest mountain.?
  3. What is saturated zone?
  4. How igneous rocks are formed?

Answers to the Intext questions :

  1. 460 crore
  2. Igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic
  3. Besalt
  4. Perculation
  5. Himalaya

Answers to the Intext questions :

  1. True
  2. True
  3. Saturated
  4. False

Suggested Activity:

Visit the nearby village / field well , study its water details from the owner.Also get details about the water peculation , availability of water during the summer.

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Rural Technology