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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Air Pollution

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Rural Technology

Oxygen is the most important component of air. All living beings are dependent on it for life. Men and animals breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dio oxide. During the day plant take in this coarbon di oxide and give out oxygen. This helps in maintaining a balance in the composition of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. However due to various reasons we breath air that contains many pollutants

Sources of Air Pollution

Various activities of human being causes pollution. These are

A.) Human Sources

1. Combustion process 2. Industrial manufacturing Process 3.Agricultural operations 4.Use of Solvents and spray paints

B.)Natural Sources

These includes gases emitted from volcanoes, smoke produced during jungle fires and dust which spreads with the wind.

C.) Other Sources

Deforestation leads to less number of trees to produce oxygen. When too many people are at one place there is reduction in availability of Oxygen


1. Note down the effects of air pollution on human beings, plants and on our enviornment 2. Suggest some ways of controlling air pollution.

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Rural Technology