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Alternating Current

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Rural Technology

Alternating Current ( A. C.)

In which the direction & amplitude of the current flow change at regular intervals. The current in this type of circuits is supplied from an A. C. Voltage source. The polarity of an A. C. Source change at regular intervals resulting in a reversal of the circuit current flow.

Acwaveform.gif fig. 1 Wave line of Alternating current

Advantages of A. C. Current -

There are many good reasons for this choice of A. C. over D.C. for electric power transmission. Alternating current voltage cannot be change easily, also there are more power losses in D.C. with respective A. C. Supply. It is easy to transmit electric power at very high voltage, with small amount of current.
At the power station the voltage is stepped up about 400000V by a step up transformer & sent to the transmission line. Then the end of another line other transformer step down the voltage values, which can be used in lighting & power.

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Rural Technology