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Anatomy and Physiology

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Now, let us find out what does ‘Anatomy’ and ‘Physiology’ mean.
Anatomy is the science which deals with the study of normal structure, shape, size and location of various parts of the body.
When the study relates to human body it is called human anatomy. For example, when we look at our body we can easily see that it has one face, two hands, two legs etc. and there is skin that
completely covers the body. When we open or see inside our body, what do you observe?
We can see that internally it is composed of various organs, blood, muscles, bones etc. In this way, in anatomy we can study various structures and composition of our body.
Physiology is the study of normal functions of various organs of the body i.e. how each and every part of the body and body as a whole, perform its function?

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1. Define Anatomy.

2. Define physiology.

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