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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Basics of First Aid

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Mindmap.pngConcept Map

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This OER enables you to  :

  • Explain importance of giving first aid in various instances.
  • List the instances that need first aid.
  • List the material required for developing a first aid kit.
  • Decide the type of first aid to be given in particular instance
  • Describe the procedure of appropriate first aid.
  • List the material required for developing a first aid kit.
  • Provide appropriate first aid.


In day today life or also when persons are at work. While working at home, /engineering/electrical workshops and agricultural department we have to face many accidental evidences. During these evidences we should do something immediately before getting medical help. In this topic we will try to understand the concept of First Aid and importance in day to day life. First aid helps in preventing conditions from worsening.

Making decision about first aid

Tools.gifActivity 1

Read the following case studies and reflect upon them.

Case study No. 1:

I was chopping vegetables hurriedly. I got hurt and there was a small cut on my finger. I put turmeric powder on the wound. What should I do? Should I go to the doctor immediately?

Case study No. 2:

Ram is a small boy was playing in the yard.He fell down and he got wounded.His mother immediately put lime (CaO) on it as it is a good coagulating agent and helps to stop flow of blood from the wound immediately.

Case study No.3:

Suman the one of the woman was cutting crop in her field.Suddenly she started crying with severe pain because of snake‘s bite. Doctor was not available nearby.What she shoulddotill proper medical help reaches to her?

Case study No. 4:

Digu’s uncle fall from the stool while doing some work. His chest was paining severely. He was sweating.

Now as you have gone through above case studies complete the table given below:

Case Study Need to get medical assistance(Yes/No) Reason for your answer

Yes, in the first two cases there is no need to visit a doctor;we can use traditional or folk remedies for the treatment. But in case 3 and 4, immediate treatment is required under expert care. But it is necessary to give some treatment to the patient before arrival of the doctor. This treatment is called first aid.

Definition of First Aid:

As the name suggests it is an aid (help) provided to the patient immediately (first) before the professional medical help. Study slides for creation your personal definition of first aid. Click on the following texts to see the definition.

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Importance of first aid:

Many times in life emergency care is required during incidences like scratches, wounds, burns, snakebite etc.First aid provided at right time saves life.It also prevents gross damage of essential part of the body. First Aid;

  • Saves Life.
  • Helps in early recovery.
  • Prevent worsening of the victim’s conditions.
  • Reduces pain and sufferings.

First aid kit

Watch following video for learning about equipment of first aid

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Instances that need first aid

  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Fractures
  • Electrical shock
  • Burn
  • Bites and stings
  • Swallowing objects and choking
  • poisoning

Study the following presentation of instances to learn about instances that need first aid. To see the next slide click on the texts.

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Tools.gifActivity 2

Here list of things included in first aid kits are given in the first column write the function of it in the second column.

Sr.No Content of first aid Function
1 Bandage
2 Scissors
3 Antiseptic liquid
4 Safety pins
5 hot

Tools.gif Activity 3

What you will do and which first aid material you will use in the following cases? Copy following table in your notebook and complete the table.

Sr.No Cases Material you will use What you will do?
1 Child had swallowed two rupees coin
2 Your mother’s hand burned while cooking
3 Neela got wound while playing
4 Ramesh fell down from stairs his hand bone is fractured
5 Joel was doing some electrical repair a shock


It is important for every person to know importance of first aid for self-treatment and for treating other person. We need to know first aid that is required by a person in different instances.

Inkpot.png Assignments

Prepare first aid box for your home.


Discuss which incidences require first aid and which incidences do not require first aid.