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Biogas Plant

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Rural Technology

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Biogas has following components:

1.Feed Inlet: From where feed is fed into the system 2.Digester tank: Where the feed and water will stay for some and bacterial operation will get completed. 3.Gas holder: It stores biogas generated. 4.Outlet gas: Gas generated is supplied through outlet valve 5.Outlet slurry: slurry is discharged from outlet pipe.

Based on various designs of digester, biogas are classified as 1. Floating Dome type (KVIC Model)

2. Fixed Dome type (Janata Model)

Floating Dome type (KVIC) type:

In this model the gas stored in a tank. The tank is floating in slurry.Tank goes up as the gas gets generated and it lowers when the gas is consumed. The size of tank depends on the size of the feed. Normally it is 50 times the amount of feed available per day. For Eg. if 20lits of dung water mixture is put into a plant every day. We need tank of 20 * 50 = 1000 Ltr capacity. Generally tank is made out of iron sheets. Therefore cost of the biogas goes up. Recently many organizations started using PVC tanks.

Floating dome

Fixed dome type (Janata Model)

It is built either of cement-concrete or brick-walled. The gas is stored in the upper dome. With increase in gas, pressure in dome rises up. It pushes of the digested material out of the tank. The costs of a fixed-dome biogas plant are relatively low. It is simple as no moving parts exist. There are also no rusting steel parts and hence a long life of the plant (20 years or more) can be expected. Fixed-dome plants are not easy to build. They should only be built where construction can be supervised by experienced biogas technicians. Due to the porosity & cracks gas generated may leak.

Intext questions

1. Biogas is generated by ----------- present in the cow dung. 2. ---------- & ------- are two type biogas digesters available. 3. Biogas may leak due to the ----------- & ----------- in the tank.

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Rural Technology