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Biogas generation Statistics

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Rural Technology

Biogas generation statistics:

Amount of gas generated changes with the quality and quantity of the feed. For e.g To generate 1cubic mtr. of biogas we need approx 25kg of cow dung. Whereas 3 kg of oil cake also produces 1cubic mtr of biogas.

After installation of biogas plant, the gas productions may take from a few days in summer and 3 to 4 weeks in winter. Initially outlet valve is kept closed to prevent the produced gas from escaping. After few days, formation of bubbles will be noticed in the outlet tank. The gas is allowed to accumulate till it almost pushes the slurry to the level of outlet opening.

The initial gas has more carbon dioxide (CO2) and less of methane (CH4).It has oxygen as well as some other gases. This mixture of gases is allowed to escape by opening the outlet.

The gas is again accumulated for 3 days, now the biogas will burn with a blue flame and ready for use. This gas will not have any odor while burning. Proportion of fresh dung and water for feeding is 1:1 i.e. (50% fresh dung(kg) and 50% water (ltr). Daily feeding of fresh cow dung per capacity of biogas is as below: -

Capacity of Biogas Required Dung Water (LTR)

  1. M3 25 Kg 25
  2. M3 50 Kg 50
  3. M3 75 Kg 75
  4. M3 100 Kg 100
  5. M3 150 Kg. 150
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Rural Technology