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Rural Technology

Different parameters of climate have direct and indirect effect on growth and yield of crop plants. Especially in India, climate plays an important role in agricultural production. Climate – Long term average condition of climatic factors of a particular place is known as climate. E.g. Hot and dry or Hot and humid. Weather – The condition of climatic factors of the particular place at a particular time is weather. Parameters of climate are as follows:
1) Temperature – It is one of the important factors limiting the growth of crops. Each crop has its own range of temperature i.e. its minimum, maximum and optimum temperature for growth. Crops either die or cease their growth when the temperature is very high or very low. On the basis of temperature, the world is divided in six temperature zones.
1) Tropical
2) Temperate
3) Micro thermal
4) Taiga
5) Tundra
6) Perpetual frost
Crops are classified broadly as warm or cool weather crops.

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Rural Technology