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Courses offered in IT by Vocational Education Department, NIOS

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Vocational Education Department

Objectives of NIOS

The major objectives of the NIOS are to

  • provide opportunities for continuing and developmental education to interested learners,
  • provide consultancy services and engage in model building in close collaboration with states and a variety of other agencies and institutions,
  • attract sizeable segment of population to varied vocational education courses so as to reduce the rush to general education courses,
  • prepare students for self reliance and self-employment, and
  • enhance individual employability by providing professional skills.

Vocational Education Programme

Vocational education offered through open and distance mode is one of the important and popular programs of NIOS. Keeping in view the needs of various target groups, the thrust is on providing more vocational and community oriented education and training courses than merely providing general education.

Certain vocational subjects are integral component of Secondary and Senior Secondary courses. These courses are offered independently as well as combination with academic courses. These are skill and competency based. Vocational courses which are of six-month and one-year duration, are offered in the areas of Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Health and Para medical, Home Science, Teacher Education, Business and Commerce, and Computer and IT. The credit of some of the vocational courses can be transferred on request to academic stream.

Modalities of offering these courses

Computer and IT courses of NIOS are offered through a network of Accredited Vocational Institutes (AVIs). The AVIs are the contact point for students. Currently there are about 1615 AVIs of NIOS spread throughout the country of which 500 AVIs are offering IT courses. The student is enrolled at one of the AVIs in his/her locality where s(he) gets face-to-face counselling and hands-on experience. Existing institutions like ITIs, Jan Shikshan Sansthans, Schools, Colleges, District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETs), Universities, NGOs and several other Voluntary Agencies are partnering with NIOS in imparting computer education.

Why these courses on Computer and Information Technology

In recent years computer has become indispensible in our day to day life. It has permeated all spheres of life starting from simple word processing to weather forecasting. Over the years, it has generated immense scope for career opportunities. In view of the above, NIOS is in the process of experimenting and developing new courses on computer and IT through distance learning, and strengthening its competitive advantage to improve the quality of learning resources, and the overall teaching and learning environment. Presently NIOS is Offering Computer and IT education at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels in both Academic and Vocational streams. The main objectives of IT courses of NIOS are to

  • enable learners to take-up jobs in Computer and IT,
  • provide skill based vocational education at reasonable fee,
  • cater to the needs of learners from backward areas where teaching in computer education is not possible,
  • promote computer literacy through Open and Distance Learning, and
  • enhance capacity building by creating computer and IT professionals.

Details of the Courses

Sl. No. Name of Course Entry Qualification Duration Course Fees (in Rs.)
1. Certificate in Computer Applications (CCA) 10th Pass 1 Year 3500
2. Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CDTP) 10th Pass 6 Months 2500
3. Certificate in Hardware Assembly and Maintenance 10th Pass 6 Months 2500
4. Certificate in Basic Computing (CBC) Literate 6 Months 1200
5. Certificate in Web Designing (CWD) 10th Pass 6 Months 4000
6. Certificate in Advanced Web Designing 12th Pass or CWD from NIOS 6 Months 5000
7. Certificate in Computer and Office Applications 10+2 class pass or Certificate in CCA Pass 6 Months 3000
8. Certificate in Data Entry Operations 10th Pass 6 Months 3000
9. IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software in collaboration with CISCO 10th Pass 6 Months 4000

Admission Procedure

For admission to these courses one has to apply in the prescribed application form available with the ‘Prospectus’, which can be procured from NIOS or its AVIs. A soft copy of the Prospectus is also available at the NIOS website:- Students can submit their application form round the year, either at one of the AVIs or on-line at NIOS website.

Scheme of Evaluation

In all the Computer and IT courses of NIOS, students are evaluated on the basis of their skill both in theory and practicals. In the public examination held twice a year, 60 per cent weightage is given to practicals including projects and hands-on experience and 40 per cent to theory. In order to complete a course, a student has to secure 50 per cent marks in theory and practicals separately.

Job Opportunities

After completing these courses, students can take up jobs such as data entry operator, software technician, computer assistant, instructor as well as engage in self-employment by setting up cyber cafes.

Vocational Education Department