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Cow Weight

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This OER enables you to:

  • calculate weight of the cow
  • calculate T.D.N (Total digestive nutrients) for deciding proper feeding rate.


Weight is an important parameter in deciding health status of any living animal. By the same rule weight of any productive cow is very for achieving balance and sustainable milk production in dairy business. But every time we can’t take cow to big weighing balance to know her exact weight, so a simple procedure and calculations are made from which gross weight of the animal can be estimated. From above conversation you might have understood that in dairy farming business, if we want to harvest maximum output from mulching animals (cow/buffalo) health of the animal most important asset.

Significance of Calculation of body weight

Weight is very important indicator of health of any animal. If weight of cow is in proportion to its age and lactation period then we can expect good milk yield and new progenies from her. By estimating correct weight of mulching animals we can not only estimate its health but also plan proper feeding rate / fodder type and it’s economics too! So in dairy farming business estimation weight of mulching animal and deciding proper feeding schedule is foremost important aspect. And it’s very easy too!

We may have some questions like

  •  How we can measure weight of such big animals?
  •  Do we need to take them on weighing scale like human beings?
  •  Do we need to hang them on hanging balance like poultry birds?

NO. Not really, it is estimated by simple calculation you might have learnt in 5th or 6th class.

Estimation of weight of a cow:

Let’s see PPT given below to understand it –

If you have any doubt about how to measure cow length/breadth please watch the video given below Estimation of weight of a cow:

Let’s see PPT given below to understand it –

If you have any doubt about how to measure cow length/breadth please watch the video given below

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Precautions to be taken while taking cow measurements

  • Mulching animals are not always very welcoming for taking their measurements, so make sure that animal allows you handle them safely.
  • While taking body measurements animal need to stand straight and still.
  • Keep proper distance while taking body measurements of animals.
  • Avoid heavy noise / feed animal for making them friendly.
  • Students need to do this activity in presence of instructor / teacher / mulching animal owner.

Actually by the same way you can also estimate weight for other pet animals OR you can try this method on yourself your friend and then compare your actual weight on weighing balance.


  • By using above method try to estimate weight of goat and compare its actual weight by measuring it on weighing balances.
  • Calculate weight of cow if its body measurement is as – Length 170 cm diameter of cheats – 175 Cm.

Safety instruction

• Students need to do this activity in presence of instructor / teacher / mulching animal owner. • Mulching animal may eat-up you measuring tape while taking body measurement so take precaution of keeping it properly.

Total Digestive Nutrients

Kisan knows that for all of us including our animals need energy for growth, maintaining health, milk and procreation. This energy we get from what we eat and it’s same with our mulching animals. Now we will see what are the the different feed types and fodder for dairy animals , importance of green fodder feeding , processing of fodder before feeding.

Let’s see how to decide feeding rate of mulching animals by using different feeding option available. Calculation of energy requirement and fulfilling required energy demand by calculating the feeding rate in mulching animals is commonly called as TDN calculation. TDN means Total Digestive Nutrients and this TDN is depend on weight of cow, age of cow, lactation stage, milk yield/day etc factors.

Now let’s see how to calculate TDN for any animal if weight of animal is known –

PPT – Calculation of TDN.


  • Explain in short importance of TDN calculation in dairy farming.
  • Make list of fodder available in your area and classify them according to their types.
  • Calculate T D N if cow weight is 499.83 Kg ( Use feed data as per above PPT)

Other factors affecting yield of mulching animals

• The weight of cow is not the only indicator of it’s healthy for maximum yield from her. • In lactation period and heavy milking cows require mores more energy and protein to maintain proper health and yield. • More fatty cows / animals are also not good for milk yield.


Let’s see what we have learnt

  • Importance of estimation of body weight of mulching animals and method of estimating body weight in for one cow.
  • Different feeding aspects in dairy animals, types of feed and estimation of TDN from available feed for maintaining proper health and yield in dairy animals.

Inkpot.png Assignments

  • Visit your nearest Animal Husbandry dispensary to understand importance of weight of mulching animals and feeding of animals.
  • Write down formula for calculating body weight of animal.
  • Discuses importance feeding of mulching animals.