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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Effect on Water Level in Well

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Rural Technology

When water is taken out of the well water level in the well goes down. Therefore outside water starts percolating inside the well. If there is another well nearby then water level in that well drops down. If permeability of land is good then effect of lifting of water from one well can be observed even on well at 50 mtrs distance. But if permeability of land is less then such effect can be observed only on river at as distance 5-6 mtrs from it. From water level, we can draw following information. This information will be useful while locating place for digging the well.

  1. How deep water will remain after digging the well?
  2. Whether water will remain available throughout the year?
  3. How quickly water will get replenished after getting lifted out?
  4. What will be the effect of other well?
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Rural Technology