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Electrical Fire

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Causes of Fire

Following are the main causes of fire: 1) Use of incorrect size of fuse wire. 2) overloading. 3) Poor or loose joints. 4) Combustible material stored near the fuse board.

Precautions to be taken during Electrical Fire

Following precautions are to be taken in case of electrical fire - 1) Switch off the main switch. 2) Extinguish the fire by throwing dry sand on it. 3) Before using a fire extinguisher make sure that it is not out-dated and it is of Carbon-di-Oxide type. 4) Don’t use water to extinguish the fire if the main-line is live. Dear friends, you are welcome to this workshop, where the electrical appliances or machines are tested & repaired. This place is known as electricity workshop/lab. While doing the work you should know the safety to prevent minor or major accidents. Following are the safety rules which are based on Indian Standard Safety procedure: (1) Always use PVC or wooden table & stool for repairing job. (2) Connect any instrument /appliance in the presence of a supervisor. (3) Always obey the safety instructions given by instructor. (4) Do not renew a blown fuse until the switch is off? (5) Keep the workshop floor clean & tools in good condition. (6) While working on live circuits always use rubber gloves rubber mat & insulated tools. (7) Replace fuses only after switching off the circuit off the circuit switches. (8) Use accessories in good conditioned. (9) Always use 3 pin plug socket, plug top 3 core wire for appliances. (10) Connection in electrical apparatus should be tight. (11) After switching off the supply, grip the plug top carefully & pull it. (12) Always used plug pin top for connecting appliances to the supply. 1.7 What you have learnt In this lesson you have learnt about an Electric Shock, Severity of Shock, Reasons of Shock, Necessity to know First Aid and Artificial Respiration

Terminal Questions

1) Explain the Schaffer’s method of artificial respiration? 2) Describe the Sylvester’s method of artificial respiration?

Answer To Intext Questions

1) Electric shock is sudden or unexpected and stimulates the body’s nervous system. 2) It depends upon- a) Contact area b) Supply pressure c) Path of current d) Type of current e) Whether condition f) Duration

3) Reasons of electric shock-

a) Touching a bare live conductor. b) Touching a poorly insulated conductor. c) Open or short circuit due to equipment failure. d) Static electricity e) Use of non-standard material. 4) First aid means an action which is instant to a victim to cure from any accident.

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