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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year


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Rural Technology


Pollution and Pollutant

Air Pollution

Water Pollution

Making water safe for Human Consumption

Conserving Rain Water -Water Harvesting

Soil Pollution


Noise Pollution


You must have heard about the Ganaga Cleaning Project, Why do you think it became necessary to clean a river as lovely and pure as the Ganaga? This is because a large number of people use Ganga water for bathing and performing other riutals and because we have also started using Ganga for disposal of a lot of waste products.

If you are living in a big city you must also be familiar with a lot of smoke and dust the air, the peculiar foul smill from rotting garbage, high level of noise form vehicular traffic and so on. Do you know all these cause a lot of problems? How are you affected by them? C|An you avoid them? What can you do to avoid them and reduce their harmful effects? IN this unit let us try to find answers to these and many more similar questions.


After going through this lesson , you will be able to

  • define the terms pollution an pollutant
  • identify the various types of pollution
  • enumerate the sources effects and measures for controlling different types of pollution
  • predict the consequences of pollution on living and non living beings
  • discuss ways of making water safe for drinking
  • explain the meaning of deforestation and its ill effects on small living beings


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Rural Technology