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Essentials of Yoga Practice

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Rural Technology

In order to get full benefit of yoga, it is necessary to understand the following requirements and rules related to its practice:
1) Morning time, before breakfast is regarded best for practicing yoga but one can also do it in the evening during the empty stomach.
2) In general yogasans should be practiced before taking meals.
3) The body and mind should be in a restful and normal condition at the time of practicing yoga.
4) One should do yoga at the same time every day.
5) The place of practice should be neat, clean, airy and well ventilated.
6) One should practice yoga on the floor, avoid bed.
7) Use a carpet or mat on the floor.
8) Wear light, loose and cotton cloths.
9) Maintain silence while doing yoga, any conversation and listening of music should be avoided.
10) Always breathe through the nose while doing asans.
11) Do Yagasans according to the limits of your body.

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Rural Technology