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Exotic Vegetables

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Mindmap.pngConcept Map


Study of this OER will enable you to;

  • identify and explain important / necessity of cultivation of exotic vegetables in India with their respective climatic / soil requirements


Exotic vegetables image1.png

Hello friends! Can you identify vegetables shown in above photos? If no, then this OER will help to know more about these vegetables. If you visit any shopping mall or vegetable markets in cities, you can see these vegetables or fruits which are not very common to us. They are mainly exotic vegetables (not native of India) and they are grown and sold at high price than our Indian vegetables. These fruits / vegetables are used in preparation of exotic dishes in big hotels /homes. For more information on this you can visit to –

Growing of exotic vegetable & fruits is more profitable business than cultivation of traditional Indian vegetables. See market rates for common exotic vegetables Vs common traditional vegetables –

Exotic vegetables image2.png

                Regular capsicum(Rs.20/- per kg) Vs.Colored Capsicum(Rs.80/-per kg)                  Regular cauliflower(Rs.15/- per kg) Vs.Broccoli (Rs.60/- per kg)

Many innovative farmers are now growing these vegetables on commercial scale and earning handsome income from it. Now let’s see some of the successful farmers and their experiences.

  • Mrs. Vanita Gunjal is innovative farmer from Junnar area of Pune district, Maharashtra. From last 25 year she is cultivating many exotic vegetables in her …. Acrea area and supplying to various traders of Mumbai/ Pune city, with contract farming system. She is earning 75000 Rs/ month from 1 hector area as net profit. For more information about her farming you can visit -
  • Trikya agriculture ( is India’s one of the largest cultivators and suppliers of exotic vegetables. They cultivate variety of vegetables on more than 200 acre of land in Maharashtra state with cold storage facility.

Importance of Exotic Vegetables

Friends! Do you know, exotic vegetables are mainly grown for city market and now days they are in high demand in –

  • Shopping moll located in big cities.
  • Five Star hotels /International hotels.
  • Multinational fast food chains
  • International tourist places.
  • High profile societies.

So, friends as per above links this is very clear that cultivation of these exotic vegetables is one of the fastest growing industry with high profit margin than traditional vegetables. So let’s see which are the important exotic vegetables commonly grown in India with their respective common cultivation requirements.

To know more about important exotic vegetables grown in India go through following presentation: File:Exotic vegetables image-3.swf

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Visit following link for more information –


  • Survey your area to gain information about farming of exotic vegetables
  • Discus important advantages and constrains of exotic vegetable cultivation in India and write an informative essay.
  • Visit to nearest exotic vegetable growing farmer and/ or retail out let’s to know more about its cultivation economics and demand-supply chain.

Important aspects of cultivation of exotic vegetables

For commercial cultivation of exotic vegetables it’s very important to consider following points:

  • Climatic and soil requirement of selected crop – Most of the exotic vegetables prefer cool climate and requires well drained fertile soil, so for commercial cultivation of these crops requires climatic control system like playhouse / greenhouse cultivation.
  • Planting material /seeds required for exotic vegetable cultivation are mainly imported from countries where they grow commonly, so need to purchase from authentic source.
  • Markets for exotic vegetables are mainly city /metro situated and they can’t be sold in regular market with desired price. So before large scale cultivation it requires to have complete knowledge of market /sales outlet. It’s better to have contract farming with forward marketing linkages.
  • Cultivation of exotic vegetables requires high investment.

For more details on individual vegetable cultivation visit following site -


From this above OER we have learnt;

  • Scope of cultivation of important exotic vegetables in India with advantages and constrains in exotic vegetable cultivation.
  • Important exotic vegetables grown in India with few case studies of Indian farmers.
  • Soil and climatic requirement for the important exotic vegetables in India with.

Inkpot.png Assignments

Let’s try some cultivation practices –

  • Bring any exotic vegetable seed from your nearest Agro clinic store (seed for exotic vegetables are mostly available in cities / metros).
  • Depending on the vegetable you select (seed purchased) find the cultivation practices and climatic requirement for this crop.
  • Cultivate these seeds in small pots / trays / raised beds in kitchen / terrace garden.
  • Record the growth of the plants like – germination % , growth , number of leaves etc.
  • Record the cost of cultivation and calculate – cost / kg of your crop
  • Harvest your crop and try to sell to your friend with profit for your success.

You can also try humid chamber / hydroponic cultivation of these vegetables in your school / home garden/ terrace garden.