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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year


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Rural Technology

A graph is a chart or drawing displaying the relationship between numbers or amounts. It is also defined as Visual representation of statistical information, with the help of two or more reference axes. Types of Graph

Line Graph

A line graph shows points plotted on a graph. The points are then connected to see form a line. Refer fig.12.3 It shows the runs made by team A and B in various overs. A Line graph is usually used to display each single Data value. The graph shows us the progress made by both team.

2. Column Graph

It is also called as bar chart. A bar graph uses bars to show data. The bars can be vertical (up and down), or horizontal (across).

Intext Questions

i) Write down three main types of graphs?

What you have learnt

In this lesson, you read about flowchart and Straight line diagram. You also knew different types of graphs and their uses. You have also seen the examples of various types of graphs and flowchart. You have also studied how to draw them. Remember, graphs and flowcharts are very important tools in management. A flowchart is must before starting any practical in our course.

Terminal Questions

  1. Draw a Straight Line Diagram (SLD) for the procedure of welding two MS circular rods of 20 mm diameter at right angles to each other.
  2. Draw a Basic Flow Chart to express the procedure of making Tomato Sauce.
  3. Prepare an SLD for packing a birthday gift.
  4. Prepare an SLD for the steps to make 400 gm Guava Jelly from 2 Kg of Guava.
  5. Plot a column graph of following information:
  6. Plot a line graph of a 20-20 cricket match performance, given as follows -
  7. Read the following graph and answer the questions:

a) What is the weight of chicks after 6 weeks ? b) What is the weight of chick after 3 weeks ? c) What conclusion you can draw from the graph ?

Answer to intext questions

i) Start and End

ii) Process

iii) Decision

Bar chart, line chart, pie chart

Suggested Activities

  1. Graphs of varied data viz. mark lists, contour readings, temperatures etc. are to be drawn, preferably using computer. Explore the Chart (means Graph) facility of computerized data sheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel), observe how the same information can be represented in different chart types.
  2. Draw flow chart showing development of a broiler chicken from its first day to 8 weeks age.
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Rural Technology