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Guides and Types

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Tourism and Hospitality Management

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This OER enables you to

  1. define and identify a guide and be able to classify them into types
  2. explain the significance of a guide


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Kathleen Lingle Pond, the Professional Guide, New York. 1993 defines a Tourist Guide as A tourist guide is in varying degrees a business person – often freelance, sometimes employee; a travel industry representative; a public relations representative for his or her site, city, region, and country – as well as an educator, an entertainer, and a public speaker, among other roles Guide image-2.png
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Types of Tourist Guides:

Tourist guides are categorized on the basis of the nature of Tourist place they guide about. E.g. Anna, who is a guide at the WHS Khajuraho temples in MP, gives information of the art and architecture of the temples; hence she is an Architecture Guide, similarly a guide found at a Bandhavgarh National Park, who gives information on the wildlife present in the park, is a Forest / Wilderness Guide Similarly we have the below classifications
Types of guides.png

Classification of Guides on the basis of the nature of the tourist destination

1. Heritage

a.History:One who gives information of the past, moreover found at Palaces, Forts, Museums, Battlefields, Tombs / Mausoleums, Temples , Churches etc
b.Archeological:One who gives information on the ancient civilizations and the bygone era , found at museums and archeological sites like the Giza Pyramid s, Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro, Nalanda University, Machu Picchu etc
c.Architecture Guide :One who gives information of the art and construction strategy of the monuments and masterpieces from the past, found especially outside Temples, Palaces, Tombs / Mausoleums, Towers etc

2. Culture Guide :

One who gives information on the lifestyle patter on the native society of that particular Tourist Destination
a.Cuisine Guide: One who gives information on the Agriculture, cultivation, and staple diet of a place, delicacies of that region and where to eat what and when. He /she takes the guest around the city making them taste specialties prepared at different food shops and restaurants. Places visited are Farms, Restaurants, Sweet Shops, Chocolate Factory, Cheese Factory, Vineyards, Orchards etc
b.Religious Guide / Temple Guide / Pilgrim Guide : One who gives information on the religion, gods & goddesses, mythology, traditions, rituals etc, such guides are hired especially during festival times, they are found at temples, and other shrines

3. Adventure Guide

  • Mountaineering Guide
  • Trekking Guide
  • Skiing Guide
  • Surfing Guide

e. Scuba Diving / Snorkeling Guide

4. Forest / Wilderness Guide

  • Hunting Guide
  • Safari Guide

5. Business Guide

  • Real Estate Consultant

6. Coach Guide

* City Tour Guide

7. Nature Guide

  • Desert Guide
  • Hill Station Guide
  • Botanical Garden Guide

8. Special Interest Guide :

  • Cruise Guide, Golf Guide, Shopping Guide, Hotel Guide, Wedding Guide etc


On the basis of the category of guide and respective tourist location pair the columns Guide Category Tourist destination

         A	Historical Guide 	        1	Corbett National Park
         B	Archeological Guide  	        2	Khajuraho Temples
         C	Cultural Guide    	        3	Jog Falls 
         D	Religious Guide 	        4	Kurukshetra 
         E	Forest Guide	                5	Mohenjo-Daro 
         F	Architectural Guide 	        6	Pushkar Festival 
         G	Nature Guide 	                7	Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Answers: A – 4 , B – 5, C – 6, D – 7, E – 1, F – 2, G – 3


A guide is a tourism organization representative who attends tourist/s in order to provide information related to the history, geography, culture, economy, society, nature etc of the place he represents or the tourist visits. A guide is present in city tour coaches, at world heritage sites like forts, old palaces, temples, museums, at sights with natural beauty like hill stations, deserts, at a National Park / Wild On the basis of the nature of the tourist destination the guides serving there are classified into types

Inkpot.png Assignments

  • A group of tourists plan a visit to the Konark Dance festival.According to you, what category of guide will be best suited for them and give some Suggestions.
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Tourism and Hospitality Management