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Importance of Feeding green Fodder

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Rural Technology

i) It keeps the animal in good health and improves reproductive efficiency. ii) It is palatable and easy for digestion. iii) It has cooling effect on the body. iv) It is mild laxative, hence prevents constipation. v) It provides fresh nutrients in their natural form. vi) It doesn’t put any stress on body or organ and leads to efficient utilization of feed nutrients.

Unconventional feed stuff

Unconventional feed stuff are those that are not commonly used for feeding of livestock but used during fodder scarcity or shortage. They have low to poor nutritive value.

Classification –

I) Protein Source - a) Plant source – Neem cake, niger cake, sunflower and safflower meal, karanj cake. b) Animal origin – Dried poultry droppings, frog meal, crab meal etc. II) Energy sources – e.g. Tamarind seed powder, sal seed meal, tapioca waste, mango seed kernel etc. III) Misc. examples – Babul pods, sugarcane baggasse, sugarcane tops, sugar beet pulp, jack fruit waste etc. Intext Questions 1.2

Match the followings

A B 1) Plant origin unconventional feedstuff a) Sugarcane tops 2) Animal origin unconventional feedstuff b) Sal seed meal 3) Energy source unconventional feedstuff c) Crab meal 4) Misc. source unconventional feedstuff d) Neem cake

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Rural Technology