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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Importance of Maps

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Rural Technology

Maps are very useful & important to us, How:

  • To understand roads and subways at new places.
  • To calculate distance between two places.
  • To know whether there are two or more paths to the same place and which is the shortest.
  • We can get information about mountains, rivers, valleys or any other thing, which may come on the way, and we can prepare for that.
  • We can get the information like height of the place or ups and downs on the road.
  • Boundaries of the land to define ownership.
  • Places like houses, farmhouses, mines can be shown on the map.
  • We can also mark crops, weather reports, direction of wind, rainfall on the maps.
  • Government needs the map to keep the record of the owners.

Who makes the maps?

An organization ‘Survey of India’ made the maps of whole India by making survey for over more than 100 years. At present , we get the maps to scale 1:25,000 or city map with scale 1:10,000. The small scale maps(Means map giving the information of large places) are made with scale 1:10,00,000 or 1:25,00,000. The 1:6,000 maps are used to show ownership of the land and its boundaries.

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Rural Technology