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Java Script

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JavaScript developed by Netscape Communication Corporation is the most popular platform independent (run in windows, Linux, Macintosh…etc) Scripting Language. All most all browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator) support JavaScript i.e. JavaScript Language Interpreter becomes part of browser.

Characteristics of Java Script

Scripts are embedded in a web page (HTML document) in specifically demarcated section. When browser encounters a script while opening a web page it calls a scripting interpreter, which parses and executes the scripting code. JavaScript has the following characteristics:

  • JavaScript is a scripting language.

A scripting language is a simple programming language having some limited features of full-blown programming language, easy to learn and easy to understand.

  • JavaScript is platform independent.

JavaScript that embedded inside HTML document are not tied to any specific hardware platform or operating system and it is interpreted by all most all browsers.

  • JavaScript is object-based.

JavaScript, depends on a collection of built-in objects (entities) for functionality

  • JavaScript is event-driven.

It responds to user actions by the use of input devices for example: respond to the action of mouse: on mouse over, on mouse out, on mouse click.

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ICT Applications