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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Lab arrangement and Safety Precaution

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Rural Technology


Laboratory arrangement and Set up

Electricity Supply

Water Supply

Norms -Behavior to Technician


Lab assistants & Technicians should know many important things while working in a pathology laboratory .Clean & neat laboratory facilities are necessary to give good services to the patients. It will help to produce more accurate results If the technicians know well about do’s & dont’s in the lab, he will work effectively which will ultimately lead to keeping good standard of work & giving accurate results. Disinfection in the lab is a very important step for safety of patients as well as for technicians. In this lesson, we will discuss the details about lab arrangement & lab methodology.


After going this lesson you will be able to :

  • laboratory arrangement & set up;
  • electric supply;
  • water supply;
  • norms-behavior of technician;
  • various ways of Disinfection in the lab.


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Rural Technology