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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Mail handling

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Mindmap.pngConcept Map

Mail handling concept map.png


This OER enables you to:

  • Identify the different sources of Mails and Messages
  • Differentiate between the methods of handling mails and messages for Past, present and future guests and employees


Mr. Vineet is traveling for business and is staying in our hotel today. Coincidentally it is his birthday today. His family wants to send him a birthday card and a gift. They are wondering how they can make his day special even though he is not there at home with them. Very often guests traveling and staying at hotels need to be contacted by their family or their colleagues at their office. The guest might also want to communicate with them .The hotel in such cases acts as an agent for receiving or forwarding such mail or messages. In the above scenario Mr. Vineet’s family can send the card and gift to the hotel. The front desk would then hand it over to Mr. Vineet.

Sources of Mails and Messages

Following are some of the sources of mails and messages

  • Fax
  • Emails
  • Telegrams
  • Telex
  • Letters and Parcels


1. Mr Zees Secretary wants to send his return journey tickets to Timbuktu to the hotel where he is staying in India. Chose the correct alternative which his secretary can use from the options given below so that Mr Zee can receive the tickets
Fax or email the ticket to the hotel
Send an office assistant to deliver the tickets in person
Ask Mr Zee to not return to Timbaktu as he does not have the ticket

Score =
Correct answers:

Incoming Mail

Mail that is coming from various destinations to the hotel is called “Incoming Mail”. Incoming mail is stamped with the date and time of receipt and details like senders name, date of receipt, time of receipt, receivers name etc.are entered in a register called the “Mail and Message Register” for future record.The mail is then sorted and arranged alphabetically

Sorting mail

Incoming mail is sorted into “Guest Mail and “Hotel Mail”. The “Hotel Mail” is again divided into “Official Mails” and “Employee Mails”. The Bell Boy delivers the Guest mail to the Guests’ room. If the guest is not in the room the mail is placed at the reception to be collected by the guest along with his/ her room keys. The Official mails are sent to the concerned and respective departments. The Employee mail is sent to the Time Office for the employees to collect from the mail display boards where they are placed.

Guest Mails and Parcels

The Hotel could receive mail or Parcels for

Mail parcel type.png

In house guest

Guest currently staying in the hotel are called “In-house” or “Present Guests”. In case the guest is in the hotel then the mail for such guests is either sent to the room with the Bell Boys or handed over to the guests in person when they come to the front desk. In case the mail is marked urgent then the guest is immediately contacted whether in the room or on his contact number to inform him of the same. In case the guest is not in the room, then the mail is placed in the key rack at the reception along with the room key to be delivered to the guest at the time the room key is collected by him/ her.

Departure Guests

Guest who have already left the hotel are called as “Departure” or “Past Guests”. If a guest is expecting mail or parcels to arrive at the hotel post his departure the contact details or forwarding address should be asked for from the guest at the time of leaving. In other situations when there is no forwarding address mentioned the contact details on the Registration card are used

Expected Arrivals

Guests who are expected to arrive at the hotel at a future date are called “Future Guests”. If the hotel receives any mails or parcels which do not belong to either the Past guests or Present Guests or the employees of the hotel, then the name on the parcel or mail is verified with the Expected Arrival Guest list and once the recipient is identified the mail or the parcel is kept in the Front Office to be handed over to the guest on arrival.


Arrange in chronological order of association with the hotel.

a. Expected arrival-
b. Departure Guest-
c. In House Guest-

a. Expected arrival

b. Departure Guest

c. In House Guest

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Outgoing Mail

In House guests or departure guests may have mail or parcels that need to be posted to their desired destination. Here the Hotel needs to ensure that the correct and complete address of the receiver as well as the contact details of the sender are mentioned clearly on the mail or parcel and the required charges be paid in advance to the hotel.


Many a times when in house guests are out of the hotel on work or when guests are expected to arrive or have already departed, people associated with the guests might want to leave a message or talk to the guest over the telephone. Very often people come over to the hotel to meet the guest in person. When the guest is not available for any reason then a MESSAGE needs to be taken on his behalf and then communicated to him or her. Whenever there is a message for a guest, a Message Slip should be filled out completely and the complete details, name and contact details of the caller should be noted so that the guest can be informed of the same. The message noted should be repeated in order to ensure that the message noted is correct.


Every Hotel would have a certain written procedure for handling Mail and Messages for guests and Employees called as Standard Operating Procedures. However it is very important to be able to convey the messages timely and correctly to avoid misunderstandings and confusions. Mail should be delivered to the guest as soon as possible so that the guest is not inconvenienced due to delays. All these services ensure that the guest has a hassle free stay and we would have the guest come back to the hotel as a repeat client.

Inkpot.png Assignments

Assignment I - Fill out the Slip with the Options given below:
Mail handling activity-2.png

a. Mrs Neema
b. 1234
c. 5
d. 13 December 2000
e. ( signature of Neema)

Assignment 2 – Read the conversation given and fill out the Message Slip given below:
Mail handling activity-1.png

Telephone Operator: Good afternoon, The West Side Inn, How may I assist you?
Caller: Could you connect me to room 1213
Telephone Operator: Whom should I say is calling?
Caller: I am Ms. Kamala
Telephone Operator: Ms. Kamala, could you please confirm the name of the guest in room 1213.
Caller: Mr.Ashraf
Telephone Operator: I am Afraid Ms. Kamala, But Mr.Ashraf is currently not in his room. Would you like to leave a message for him?
Caller: Yes can you please ask him to call me as soon as he is back.
Telephone Operator: Certainly Ms. Kamala, May I have the contact number on which you would like Mr.Ashraf to call back?
Caller: yes, 21506584
Telephone Operator- Thank you for calling The West Side Inn. Have a good evening!