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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Metal Cutting

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Rural Technology

Normally, we use following tools for cutting materials in workshop.


It is most used tool in the workshop. Following care must be taken while using hacksaw:

  1. Do not use worn out blades.
  2. Fix the blade tightly.
  3. If blades are too flexible then they will twist while cutting and generate friction.
  4. The cutting action takes place when you pull the saw towards. Check the direction of the teeth.
  5. Keep the constant pace of the strokes.

Power hacksaw

Shearing machine It is used to cut pipes, angles, bars, sheets etc.

Lathe machine

Lathe is one of the oldest machines. Following operation are carried out with lathe machine: 1) Turning: Turning is the machining operation that produces cylindrical parts. Work piece is rotating on spindle and cutting tool is fed parallel to the axis of the work piece and at a distance that will remove the outer surface of the work The quality of finish depends on the following parameters: 1) Speed, always refers to the spindle and the work piece. The speed (RPM) of lathe depends on the diameter of the work piece and the material to be cut. 2) Feed: it is the rate at which the tool advances along its cutting path. 3) Depth of Cut There are different sizes and shapes and materials of tools are available for turning. Before starting the work, one must ensure right tool and proper speed, feed and depth of cut. Other machining operations that can be performed on lathe machine are: 2) Facing: Tool is fed across the axis of work piece and depth of cut is taken on the face of work piece. 3) Parting: is used to create deep grooves which will remove a completed or part-complete component from its parent stock. ) Grooving: is like parting, except that grooves are cut to a specific depth by a form tool. 5) Boring: Tool is mounted on the tail stock and fed into the job along the axis of the workpiece to drill a hole in the workpiece. 6) Threading: By selecting appropriate gears and threading tool, we can cut threads on the lathe machine. Threads on big shafts are made on lathe machine. The job is rotated on the spindle. Gear selection chart is attached on lathe machine and its operational manual.

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Rural Technology