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This OER enables you to:

  • explain what is a mousse
  • describe the different components of a mousse
  • prepare a mousse
  • check the quality characteristics of a mousse
  • Suggest different ways in which mousse can be presented and garnished


Let's see following scenario:
Sunny is dining out at the restaurant of a five star hotel. An attractive lunch buffet has been displayed in the restaurant with an array of delicious, eye appealing and mouth watering preparations.
After enjoying the soup and the main course, Sunny heads for the dessert counter. Sunny is dazzled by the large number of delectable preparations on display in the cold dessert section and awed by the variety of color and textures that he can see. He is confused as to what to select to eat from the wide selection on offer and decides to ask the chef at the buffet counter to help him decide.
He asks the chef what he would recommend. Chef asks him if he would like something with chocolate and he replies that chocolate is one of his favorites. Then says the Chef you could try our chocolate mousse.
Sunny puts one spoonful in his mouth and is amazed when it just melts away in his mouth. He just loves the smooth, velvety and light texture of the mousse.
He plans to ask the chef how this feather light and airy concoction has been made. I am sure you would be interested in learning what a mousse is and how it is made

What is a Mousse?

Mango mousse.jpeg
A Mousse is a light , creamy, flavoured , chilled dessert made with eggs, and / or whipped cream set with gelatin. The name for this dessert comes from France and the word literally means “frothy, foamy or light”. Dessert mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites, and/or whipped cream and generally flavoured with chocolate or pureed fruit, A Mousse is light and airy due to the addition of whipped egg white, whipped cream or both.

Components of a mousse

There are THREE Key Components

  • Base
  • Aerating Agent
  • Stabilizer


The base is the main component which gives flavour and body the mousse. It should be light and smooth so that the foam can be incorporated into it easily..Chocolate is one of the most popular flavourings used in a mousse .It also can be flavored with essences such as vanilla, grated zest and juice of oranges and lemons, or with coffee.

Chocolate base of mousse.jpeg
The different varieties of bases that may be used for a mousse are

  • Egg Custard
  • Fruit Puree
  • Vanilla Sauce
  • Flavoured Cream
  • Sabayon


It gives the light and airy texture of a mousse. It should be mixed in gently to prevent the mousse from deflating The following may be used (either one or both)

  • Egg whites beaten to stiff peak stage

Aerating agents mousse.jpeg

  • Cream whipped to soft peak

  1. Click on following link to see stages of egg white
  2. Click on following link to see how to whip cream


This helps to stiffen the base and bind all the ingredients and give it a shape when unmoulded.

  • Gelatin:The gelatin is available in powdered or leaf form and should be soaked in cold water before adding.
  • Agar: Agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin for vegetarians

Sometimes the base ingredient in the mousse has enough body so that the stabilizer or binder is not required. For example in a chocolate mousse, the melted chocolate gives the base enough structure so gelatin is not required

Steps in preparation of a mousse using egg custard as a base

See the following presentation to know about the steps image:steps in prepartion of mousse.swf

Preparation of chocolate mousse

You may watch a video on how to prepare chocolate mousse by clicking on the link given below The media player is loading...

Characteristics of a Well made Mousse

  • It should have a light and spongy texture with even dispersion of air cells
  • Whipped cream and Egg white foam should evenly mixed without any visible streaks
  • If the mousse is unmolded and served it should hold its shape and not collapse or spread onto the plate
  • It should have an intense identifiable flavor with the added smoothness and richness from the cream if added.

Presentation of a Mousse

As a dessert, the most prominent characteristic of a mousse is its presentation

Strawberry mousse.jpeg

  • It can be spooned into individual moulds such as tart shells or chocolate dessert cups
  • Layered into martini, wine or champagne glasses
  • Garnished with nuts, shaved chocolate, berries, or piped cream . Garnish will vary according to basic flavor of mousse
  • Sprinkled with instant coffee powder, cocoa powder, crushed cookies or powdered sugar
  • Accented with mint leaves, or solid chocolate swirls,grated lemon rind, segments of orange
  • Served with a rich fruit puree or caramel sauce, or chocolate sauce


  1. List the 3 parts of a mousse
  2. The light texture of a mousse is due to the _________agent.
  3. _________ may be used as a substitute for gelatin for vegetarians


  1. Base, Aerating agent, Stabilizer
  2. Aerating agent
  3. Agar agar
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1. The aerating agent used for mousse is

whipped cream
Whipped egg white
all of the above

2. Egg white should be beaten to _____ peak stage while preparing a mousse

soft peak
stiff peak

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A French term meaning ‘froth’ or ‘foam’ , a mousse is a rich, airy dessert made up of whipped cream, eggs and gelatin which is served cold. It has three components

1. Base
2. Aerating agent
3. Stabilizer

It may be unmoulded and served or the mixture may be poured into decorative glasses and garnished with fruit, sweet sauces and whipped cream and served

Inkpot.png Assignments

Prepare mousse using egg custard as a base.