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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Necessity to know first aid

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Rural Technology

We don’t know how to treat the electrical accident to somebody, may be at home, office, industry or anywhere. It is always better and necessary to know how to give first aid to such victims before sending him to the doctor. To pull him other side use any non - metallic tool or any instrument.

First Aid:

1) Immediately lay down the victim on a soft blanket. Allow fresh air to reach him. 2) Apply some cold cream or coconut oil on the burn parts. 3) Artificial respiration procedure should be applied gently. 4) Sprinkle his face with water. 5) Smell any scent or scented thing regularly to victim. 6) Do not give any food or liquid to the victim without consult with the doctor. 7) The victim should always be kept warm.

Intext Questions

1) What is electric shock?

2) On what factor severity of shock depends?

3) What are the reasons of shock?

4) Define the first aid?

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Rural Technology