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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Norms -Behavior to Technician

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Rural Technology


The lab technicians would to know that what are the duties & behaviour of the Lab Technician-

  • Punctuality at workplace is very important.
  • Neatness & clean clothes, using the lab coat is also important.
  • Arranging the glass wear, needles, chemical bottles at proper place is also very important. Giving proper instructions to the patients while sample collection will help for accurate lab results.
  • Wash the hands after completing the test. Bringing eatables in the lab should be strictly avoided.
  • Honesty & clean practices while carrying out test is very important.
  • If there occurs any mistake by the technicians while carrying out the procedure it should be repeated; do not disclose any confidential information about the patient reports to others.
  • Put off gas connection, electric connections & other electric instruments, water taps before closing the lab.

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Rural Technology