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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

OER Project

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The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) initiated | Open Educational Resources (OER) specifically for Vocational programmes to be offered at Secondary and Sr. Secondary (+2) levels, including stand alone programmes, in partnership with state level institutions and organizations. These educational resources will not only be beneficial for the students pursuing their studies through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system at school level, but also will be accessible to millions of learners interested in development of their skills in various vocations. This will also help in vocationalisation of the curriculum at Secondary and Sr. Secondary levels across the Boards in the country.

In this context an exploratory meeting was held on February 9, 2010 which was attended by eminent experts in the fields of ODL and IT. In line with the above, a proposal has been developed by NIOS by taking resource support from I-CONSENT, and MKCL for development of OER in three subject areas, viz.,

a) ICT Applications - Vocational Course at Sr. Secondary level

b) Rural Technology - Vocational Course at Secondary level

c) Tourism & Hospitality Management

The main objective is to develop and deliver a vocational system of quality education supported by Open Education Resources (OER) and delivered to students for playing various roles in the areas of their choice and for obtaining their livelihood and place in society.


The ultimate goal is to develop Certificate and Diploma level courses in chosen vocational areas with the support of Open Education Resources and delivered to students to develop their skills in the areas of their choice and for obtaining their livelihood and place in society.


Aim of the project is to make the vocational education system sustainable and ever changing in skill development and applications by creating partnerships with social and industrial institutions. Outcomes of the Project:

  1. Create Open Education Resources (OER) in the form of role based small modules at different levels useful for all students at the Secondary School Level in the above mentioned areas. It intends to develop about 200 small competency based training modules in the above mentioned areas.
  2. Create OER useful for job situations based on role based courses for Senior Secondary School Level.
  3. Create and manage Course Teams and Study / Training Center Teams and organise their services for learners along with their continuous training and up gradation of vocational competencies and capabilities.
  4. Create, manage and maintain learner groups and communities of teachers / trainers and learners and practitioners for continuous and sustainable development.
  5. Create network of provider institutions, teacher & trainers, users and agencies involved in the vocational education and employment and form their consortium or alliance for sustainable program development and deployment.
  6. Create mechanisms for value conversion and wealth creation, quality assurance and interest based community formation for the management of public-private and community partnerships for the socio-economic development of the locality and local community in the context of globalisation.

The project activities will be based at the NIOS Regional Centre, Pune by group of dedicated project staff. It will strive to draw the resource support from the organizations, who will work as technology partner for deployment of the project inputs and academic support of the experts for developing the OER.