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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

OER third workshop on Rural Technology at Pune on dated 23-25, November 2012

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A three days workshop was organised by NIOS at M.E Computer Lab of MIT, Pune for development of OERs in the area of Rural Technology during 23,24 and 25th November 2012. The Objectives of the workshop were :

  1. To finalize the OERs prepared in the last two workshops
  2. To prepare final draft of third OER with inputs from Peers and Experts.
  3. To search the available OERs for adaptation

A total of 24 experts including Pedagogues ,Resource Persons and ICT specialists participated in the workshop. On the first day Mr. K.L. Gupta , Regional Director welcomed all the participants. Thereafter Prof. M.N.Deshmukh , Chief Mentor (OER Project) detailed the objective of the three days workshop and summarized the work completed so far. The three days workshop focussed entirely on independent work by the participants. During the first session the participants reviewed final draft of the two OERs developed from the inputs received during the earlier workshops and submitted the same for final production . Dr.Satyawati Rawool, Retd Professor of Education and Dr. Narendra Deshmukh , Sr. Scientific Officer, HBCSE, Mumbai gave inputs as Pedagogues. Dr. Veena Deshmukh , former Directer of Centre of Distance Education, SNDT University , Mumbai gave inputs on Instructional System Design .The course coordinator Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni gave inputs to the participants on the content of the OER.

On Second day participants worked on development of third OER . Initially they discussed their work in pair and finalized the draft with one to one interaction with the experts and technical assistance from Mr. Avinash Kulkarni .The participants presented the draft OERs and received feedback from other participants and experts.

On the third day the participants worked on the inputs from the experts . During the last session they identified OERs from the internet for adaptation . The participants also gave operational modalities of these OERs by stating the objectives, activities, action plan and evaluation strategies. The workshop ended with inputs from Mr. K.L.Gupta Regional Director for working on the third OER draft at home prior to submission towards the first week of December and elaborating the role of the participants as Online educators in the coming days.

Outcomes of this workshop are as under:

  1. The participants received Hands on experience under the supervision of the experts .
  2. Discussed their o work and to received feedback.
  3. Submitted first two OERs and worked on the third draft .
  4. Submitted the Final Draft of third OER with incorporation of feedback received.