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Rural Technology

Packaging is enclosing of a physical object, typically a product that will be offered for sale. Packaging is the outer wrapping of a product. The purpose of the packaging is to make a product readily

sellable as well as to protect it against damage and prevent it from deterioration while storing. Furthermore the packaging is used to create brand image and helps in marketing, advertising and communication.

Importance of packaging

1. Protection during transport : The product getting shipped to other places need to be packed well enough to protect against damage during handling, transport and storage, for e.g. fiberboard, wooden crate etc. A cushion material is used to save material from shock and vibration. 2. To protect the product from weather. 3. To protect against dirt, insect etc. 4. Communication: A package must communicate what it sells. It must inform consumer about the product, how to use it and other utility information. It provides information including: quantity; price; lot number; manufacturing place, manufacturing date, colour; and merchandising and premium data. 5. Consumer Packing: It is mainly for marketing and attracting consumers. Intext Questions 8.2 Fill in the blanks: i) is the cheapest way to give fresh look to old things. ii) Paint is used to paint interior. iii) Roller is used to paint on surface. iv) is to protect goods during transportation.

What you have learnt

Quality of product is judged from all the processes involved in the manufacturing of product for selling them to customer. A successful business has to remain concerned about customer satisfaction and therefore quality. Quality in design, manufacturing, painting and packaging are important to make customer happy. Most important thing is the quality of service you give to your customer. You also learnt about paints and packaging in this chapter.

Terminal Questions

1. Write down things that must be incorporated on the job card. 2. Write down steps in carrying out painting job. 3. Why packaging is important? 8.9 Answer to intext Questions 8.1 i) True ii) False iii) False iv) False v) True 8.2 i) Painting ii) Distemper iii) flat iv) Packaging Suggested activity Observe packaging of following goods available in the market · Food products · Furniture · Glassware · Clothes · Grocery items · A food served in good restaurant

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Rural Technology