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Rural Technology

Painting is the practice of applying colour to a surface such as paper, canvas, wood, glass, concrete etc. Painting gives the product its appearance. It is also useful to increase durability of product, prevent rusting etc. Some of the paint has water proofing, heat resistant capabilities. Painting is cheapest way to give fresh look to the old things.

Types of paints

1) Distemper: Distemper paint has been used primarily in the painting of interiors. It has a wonderful matte finish and a soft feel to it. 2) Oil Paint: Oil paint is useful for glazing and impasto techniques. 3) Acrylic Paint: Acrylic emulsion is the binder in acrylic paints. Acrylics are water soluble, but dry to a water insoluble and impenetrable flexible film. They are very fast drying and used for different combination of texture.

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Rural Technology