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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Plant Nutrients, Manures and Fertilizers

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Rural Technology


Nutrients required by Plants for Growth

Functions of Plant Nutrients

Classification of Manures and Fertilizers

Organic Farming


Crop plants need sixteen essential elements for their normal growth and development. Most of these nutrients are supplied by organic manures and fertilizers. The organic manures and fertilizers perform different functions. The organic manures add organic matter to the soil and improve physical properties of the soil and also supply essential plant nutrients in small quantities. Whereas, fertilizers supply nutrients to the crop in large quantities and are helpful for maintaining fertility and productivity of the soil.


After going this lesson, you will be able to :

  • List Nutrients Required by Plants for Normal Growth.
  • Explain Functions of Nutrients.
  • Classify Manures and Fertilizers.
  • Explain the Use of Organic Manures like Farm Yard Manure, Compost, Green Manuring
  • Explain the Need of Bio fertilizers and Vermicompost.
  • Explain Principles and Advantages of Organic Farming.


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Rural Technology