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Propagation media

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Rural Technology

Propagation medium is a substance in which plant parts are placed for propagation. Propagation medium provides initial support and favourable conditions for generating seedlings. For successful results of propagation by seed or by asexual means, quality media should be used.

Qualities of good medium

Good quality medium should have following characterstics: 1) The medium should be firm enough to hold propagating material. 2) It should not shrink excessively when dry. 3) It should be sufficiently porous, having ability to retain and supply sufficient moisture. 4) It should be well drained and free from weed seed. 5) The medium should have neutral pH or suitable pH ( 6 to 8 ) for plant propagation. 6) It should be free from diseases and high concentration of salts. 7) Propagation medium should supply nutrition to the propagules. he different media commonly used for propagation are:- 1. Soil 2. Sand 3. Leaf Mould 4. Sphagnummoss 5. Vermiculite 6. Perlite 7. Coco peat 8. FYM 9. Saw dust 10. Soil mixture

Intext questions

A Fill in the blanks: 1. A good medium should have good Capacity. 2. Propagation medium should have pH. 3. is a medium used on large scale.

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Rural Technology