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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Quantitative and Qualitative Measurements

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Rural Technology

We get new information everyday and from this information, we derived knowledge. “This year we got good yield of rice”. This is a descriptive (qualitative) information. “This year we produce ten quintal rice”; this is quantitative information. Quantitative information is more useful than the descriptive information. Science depends upon such quantitative information. Therefore, it is necessary to measure all the characteristics. Few examples of qualitative and quantitative informations are given below:

Please refer table.1 for more examples. This ‘little’, ‘sufficient’, ‘good’, ‘enough’, ‘lot’ are the example of qualitative information. Whereas, quantitative information like 200ml, Rs.20, 2 chapattis, 5 quintals, 500mm, 5 bags gives specific information. Recording everything is basic requirement for improving productivity. Collecting proof, based on quantitative information is must to support your invention.

Intext questions

Identify Quantitative and Qualitative information: 1) We got good yield of crop. . 2) We got 5 quintals of rice. . 3) This year there is enough rain. . 4) This year we got 500mm rain. . 5) This construction needs lot of cement. . 6) This construction needs 5 bags of cement. .

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Rural Technology