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Role of a Cashier

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This OER enables you to :

  • Describe the role of a cashier in a hotel
  • Identify various modes of payment made for bill settlement
  • Describe the check-out procedure to be followed by the cashier


Boy1.pngShlok wants to join the hotel and wants to work as a cashier, but he is apprehensive as he does not know anything about the Role of a Cashier in the hotel. He meets his friend Boy2.pngAnil who works in a hotel, and who gives him information about the cashier’s role.

Boy2.png explains:
The Front Office Cashier is the nerve centre for all guest billing. It is the centralized point where individual guest expenditures are accounted for and realized at the time of guest check-out. It is a very critically responsible role and the cashier has to be vigilant at all times.

Functions of a Cashier:

The Cashier plays a crucial role in the day to day running of the hotel and his daily routine involves the following:

  • Post guest charges and credits into each individual guest folio on a daily basis.
  • Prepare bills and present them to guest at the time of the guest’s departure. Settle all bills on departure
  • Exchange foreign currency according to daily exchange rate as per regulation
  • Operate the accounting software system
  • Control safety deposit locker
  • Maintain cash book for shift transactions
  • Transfer guest balances to other accounts as required
  • Obtain and keep balanced the House Bank (House Bank is a fixed amount of currency and coins of different denominations to carry out the day’s work.)
  • Settle guest accounts by accepting cash, credit card, traveler's cheque, etc.
  • Balance the cash and close the shift
  • Make sure there is internal control maintained over all the transactions
  • Prepare reports as specified by the management

Boy1.pngThis is interesting. I sure would like to know more about how the cashier handles a check-out
Boy2.png Pay close attention to the information I give you

Role of cashier during checkout

The last interaction of the guest with the hotel staff takes place during check-out. While checking-out the guests formally vacate their rooms, settle their bills and leave the hotel. The speed and accuracy of guest billing at check-out will lead to maximization of guest satisfaction. The following is generally followed by the cashier during check-out: The front desk cashier alerts all points of sale to rush last minute credit transactions on intimation of guest check out.

  • The cashier updates the guests folio on the basis of recent bills received
  • The guest hands over the keys to the front desk
  • The cashier prepares the master bill and gives it to the guest along with all supporting vouchers and bills for review
  • The payment is received from the guest as per the pre-set mode of payment
  • Front desk sends the check-out information to all the departments
  • Front office records are updated

Boy1.png“This is getting more and more interesting and the job sounds challenging too. This is just what I am looking for. I have one question though. How do the guests make their payment? Do they have to pay in cash?”
Boy2.png“No…No… No. There are many ways this payment can be made other than cash such as.”)

Modes of Payment and Cashier's role:

Credit Card

It is amongst the most favored modes of account settlement. While processing a payment through credit card the front office cashier follows the following procedure:

  • Checks the card holder’s name on the card
  • Checks the expiry date on the card
  • Checks if the card is a stolen card
  • Checks the credit limit of the card.
  • Swipes the card for verification and authorization from the issuer of the card. Receives transaction slip
  • Asks the guest to sign on the transaction slip
  • Verifies the guest signature with the signature on the signature panel on the reverse of the card
  • Returns the credit card and a copy of the transaction slip to the guest

Traveler’s Cheque

It is an internationally accepted cheque for a sum in a specific currency that can be exchanged elsewhere for local currency or goods. It is issued by a financial institution and functions as cash but is protected against loss or theft. While accepting a traveler’s cheque from a guest the front desk cashier should proceed as follows:

  • Ensure that the second signature is put in front of him
  • Check the guests passport to establish identity
  • Write the passport number behind the traveler’scheque
  • Calculate the correct exchange value as per the daily rate, if the traveler’scheque is in foreign currency
  • Return the balance to the guest in local currency


This is the best method of payment especially for unknown guests or those with scanty baggage.

Debit Cards

A debit card is a plastic card that allows customers to access their funds immediately, electronically. It is a safe mode of account settlement as the amount is instantly transferred to the hotel’s account.

Personal Cheques

These may be accepted by the hotel from known guests who have already established their credentials with the hotel. Proper identification like driving license, passport, etc is required. This type of payment has to be authorized by the lobby manger.

Corporate billing

Executives, who travel at the expense of the company or for company work, charge their expenses directly to the company. They make a deal with the hotel, whereby they determine the rates for different types of rooms and meal plans to be offered to their executives. The terms and conditions of the payment are also predetermined. The executives carry a letter from their company, which is called a Bill to Company (BTC) letter as a proof of identity.


Boy1.png has the following questions and he would like you to provide the answers:

1. If a guest has paid part of his bill and has no more traveller’s cheques left, can he pay by using his credit card for the balance amount?
Cannot Say

2. If a guest wants to use the safety deposit locker, he should contact
The housekeeping department
The restaurant manager
The Cashier

3. If the guest gives a traveller’s cheque, what will the cashier do?
Ask the guest to put his second signature in front of the cashier
Ask the guest to sign on the transaction slip
Ask the guest to put his second signature in front of the cashier

Score =


  • The cashier is like the bank of the hotel and is responsible for handling payments, money and valuables. The cashier accepts and processes payment from guests in settlement of their bills.
  • On Check-out, the guest settles the account by using any of the payment options available, such as – cash, credit cards, traveler’s cheques, debit cards, personal cheques, corporate billing, etc.
  • Checking-out should be made as relaxed, positive and trouble free as possible.

Inkpot.png Assignments

Visit a Hotel and take interview of a cashier to know the Role of a cashier.