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Rules to draw flow charts

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Rules to draw flow charts

We have studied the symbols used in drawing flow chart in lesson 10. Let’s learn to draw a flow chart by taking an example. Flow charts are mainly made up of three types of symbol.

  • Elongated circles, which signify the start or end of a process
  • Rectangles, which show instructions or actions
  • Diamonds, which show decisions that must be made

Within each symbol, write down what the symbol represents. This could be the start or finish of the process, the action to be taken, or the decision to be made.Symbols are connected one to the other by arrows, showing the flow of the process. Lets draw a flow chart to make a tomato sauce.

Following steps are involved in making tomato sauce:

Input material – tomato, clean them, cook them in pressure cooker, make a pulp in mixer, remove seeds and wastage, cook on stove to remove water, add spices, Cook it in pressure cooker, taste, packaging.

The flow chart is shown in the fig. 12.1.

Straight Line Diagram(SLD)

Lets make a SLD for preparing a tea in which tea powder and water is boiled together and then milk and tea is added separately

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Rural Technology