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Simple Salad

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This OER enables you to:

  • define a Simple Salad
  • explain various types of a Simple Salad
  • differentiate between raw and cooked salads
  • explain parts of a Simple Salad
  • prepare a Simple Salad taking proper precautions
  • arrange a Simple Salad


Salad is a combination of various ingredients that is either raw ,cooked or both. The ingredients used can be any vegetable, meat, fish, fruits as a main ingredient or in combination depending on its type like simple salad, compound salad,tossed salad. You are working in a restaurant and a guest orders a Simple Salad. What will you serve the guest?

Let us understand what a Simple Salad is.

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A Simple Salad usually consists of a single kind of vegetable, fruit, meat etc. tossed in a dressing as a base with one or two ingredients, in small quantities are used for decoration or as a garnish. For example, Cucumber salad, coleslaw salad, tomato salad ,green salad, waldrof salad, Russian salad , Caesar salad etc.

Parts of Salad

What is a Salad made up of? Let us click on the following link to get the answer

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After going through the presentation given above Match the following:

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Raw and Cooked Simple Salads

Is Simple Salad served raw or cooked?

Simple salad can be served Raw or Cooked

Preparation of a Simple Salad

What are the ingredient that goes into preparing a simple salad? Ingredients required are

What Precautions should be taken before preparing a simple salad?

Following points to be taken into consideration before preparing a simple salad
  • Wash all ingredients like fruits and vegetable thoroughly (as it can be a good source of contamination) pat it dry as it may result in final product to be watery
  • Keep all ingredients ready before preparing the salad as this ensures freshness and cruncy ness in salad
  • Utilize the freshest ingredients and especially those in season as this will keep nutrients intact
  • Light leafy vegetables should be torn into bite size pieces and never cut the greens tossed gently in a dressing just before the service to avoid wilting of salad.
  • Pour enough dressing to season; not drown the main ingredient as it will result in wilting of salad and overpowering the taste
  • Use a suitable container to present the salad garnish with edible ingredient to give it eye appeal
  • Never overcrowd the salad plate.
  • Accommodate the salad within the dish and not on or over the edge.

Guidelines for preparation of simple salads

Following activities are involved in preparing simple salad 1 Wash vegetables/fruits in cold water. Hold by roots end plunging in water to force water to center, thus removing dirt and grit. 2 Cut vegetables as per the requirement. (cubes, threads, strips etc.) 3 Keep in a cool place until required. Refrigerate greens in a colander covered with damp towel or in perforated storage bin to allow air circulation & complete drainage. This helps to keep the greens crisp. 4 When required mix all the ingredients with dressing 5 Served neatly in china, glass or wooden bowls. Garnish as required. Serve dressing apart. Always keep cool.

Click on the Link to view video on preparation of salad.

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Guidelines for arranging salads

  • Look at the plate or bowl as frame. Pick the right size dish. Keep salad off the rim.
  • Maintain good balance of color . Three colors are usually enough.
  • Height makes the salad more attractive.
  • Cut ingredients neatly and uniformly
  • Be sure that ingredients can be identified
  • Keep arrangements simple


Simple Salad may include leaf greens, raw and/or cooked vegetables, fruit, meat, legumes and rice and pasta based salads, to mention just a few. Certain factors need to be considered while planning a salad. These include:

  • Fresh ingredients (Put relevant images)
  • Attractive plating (Put relevant images)
  • Proper textures
  • Eye appeal
  • Well balanced flavor

A simple salad is a variety of one or more greens. A mild dressing has to be added to give it flavor and taste.

Inkpot.png Assignments

  • Identify the main nutrients that you get from eating salads of different types.
  • List at least five principles to be kept in mind while making a salad.
  • Explain why salads are recommended as a healthy option in our diet?

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