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Smokeless Chulah

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Rural Technology

A stove is a very basic device used for cooking by burning wood. Most of the people living in rural areas use woold as fuel. Major problem with old stove is that it increases health problems from smoke particularly respiratory problems and eye ailments. The use of wood leads to deforestation. Therefore we must works to increase efficiency of the stove.

The traditional method of cooking in rural areas is on Chulah The fuel is burnt under cooking pot. Teh thermal efficiency of this chulah is about 5 to 15 percent. It requires large quantity of fuel. The smoke makes the cooking ports dirty and increases the work load of women. The smokes also create the problem of eye and chest diseases in women tkae more time to cook. Smoke entering into the kitchen room leads to Indoor Air Pollution.

Smokless chulha doesnot mean that without smoke. It generate smoke but is vented out of the room using pipe. The idea of smokeless chulha is nto let all of the smoke come out and get on your face while cooking.

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Rural Technology