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Some important Breeds of Poultry

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Rural Technology

The term ‘poultry’ is applied to birds of several species like fowls or chicken, ducks, turkeys, quails, swan, pigeons, guinea fowl, pea fowl, pheasants etc.

Fowls may be classified on the basis of utility, purpose such as meat type, egg type, dual purpose, game, ornamental etc. Birds are also classified into different classes based on the country or particular region of their origin such as Asiatic, Mediterranean, American, and English etc. Each class is further classified into breeds based on shape, size and colour etc. such as Minorca, leghorn, RIR, Hampshire. Each breed may be classified into varieties based on type of comb and colour of plumage e.g. leghorn varieties are single comb, white leghorn. Each variety can be further redivided into strains which can be named after a breeder or farm etc.

Class and Breeds of fowls :-

Classification of Chicken Breeds (Based on Utility):

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Rural Technology