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Sorting of Linen

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Tourism and Hospitality Management

Mindmap.pngConcept Map


This OER enables you to

  • sort the soiled linen according to the pre decided parameters.


A heap of White coloured Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Bath Towels and Hand towels all mixed together and slightly dirty and some wet. A confused looking man, wearing a white lab coat and a county cap, popping out of this heap upto his waist, with hands spread out says “what do I do now?” Our man seems to be confused, as he does not know what he has to do with this heap of linen.

Where do you think this linen has come from?
Guest Rooms

Score =

Ideally what he should be doing initially with this linen?

Score =


What are the different ways in which you can group the following linen items?

Classification of Linen

Similarly, linen can also be classified by their sizes. E.g. Bed sheets are large size linen and face towels are small linen. Pillow covers and bath mats are medium size linen. Most of the guest room linen is white in colour, but sometimes coloured linen is also used to make the room aesthetically appealing. It is important to segregate the linen into whites and coloured. Haven’t you seen water getting coloured from the cloth which is dipped into it?

This occurrence of colour leaving the fabric is called running of colour. When the colour does not leave the fabric when immersed in the water is called fixed colour.

Linen is also segregated on types of fabrics.

Manmade fabrics Natural Fabrics
Absorbs water quickly. Takes a longer time to absorb water.
Slower to stain. Faster to stain.
e.g. Cotton, Jute e.g. polyester, Acrylic

Last but not the least; linen is segregated on the degree of soiling. Heavily stained linen has to be sorted separately for further processing. When dirt is absorbed into a fabric it is termed as Stain.


For Sorting of Linen one should know different types of Linen and their properties.

Inkpot.png Assignments

List the FIVE parameters which you learnt by which linen could be sorted?

Your answers:

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Tourism and Hospitality Management