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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Space Organisation

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Rural Technology

An ideal home is the one that provides space for all the functions of the family. The following activities are performed in a home:- a) Cooking b) Dining c) Sleeping d) Bathing e) Storing In big cities, it is not possible for all to afford house with separate space for these activities. Most people live in ‘One-room houses’. They have to make the best use of their single room. Do you have any idea how it can be done?

The following points will help you-

  • First of all make a list of all the activities taking place in this room.
  • Set aside space for every activity
  • Try to combine the activities so that they can be carried out in a common area. For example, dining can be done in the living/drawing room area.
  • Take care not to overcrowd the room with too much furniture.
  • Try to use multi purpose furniture items like sofa-cum-bed. At night, the sofa can be pulled out and used as a bed for sleeping. The dining table can be used for studying. Two or more trunks can be joined together and converted into a setty. These multi purpose furniture items are available in the market.
  • Some pieces of furniture can be used as storage units and room dividers. For example, the drawing room can be partitioned with shelves on either side. Books can be placed on the shelf facing the living room, whereas, crockery, cutlery, spoons, etc., can be stored on the shelves on the dining room side.
  • Storage can be provided in the furniture itself like bed with boxes, tables with drawers, etc.
  • The space below the staircase can be converted into a store-room or used as a spare toilet.
  • The space below the windows, down to the floor can be converted into built-in-cupboards.
  • Similarly the area above the windows to the ceiling can be co

vered and converted into lofts. By carefully planning the one-room units and following the above tips, family can enjoy a comfortable life.



1. Visit two houses of your relatives. Make an observation about the utilisation of space. If space has not been utilized properly, give suggestions for improvement.

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Rural Technology