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Structure of Green Houses

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Rural Technology

G.I. pipes or steel angles are used to make frames of Green House. Design and layout of the frame varies according to crop, climatic conditions and cost etc. Following points should be considered while designing frame: 1 Frame should be light in weight. 2 Use easily available material (Bamboo or wood could also be used). 3 Frame should be even from all sides. 4 Slope of roof should be such that water will not fall on crop or stagnate on the roof. 5 It should be possible to change the sheet, if required. 6 There should be sufficient ventilation.

Types of green houses:

1. A frame type 2. Lean to type 3. Even span type 4. Gothic Arch 5. Connect with gutter system 6. Geodesic home The material used for covering roof: 1. Glass 2. Plastic A) Sheet Plastic:-Polyethylene, Polyvinyl chloride, Polyester, Polyvinyl Florida. B) Rigid Plastic:-Polyvinyl chloride, fibre glass reinforced Plastic, Acrylic, Poly carbonate. U.V stabilized polyethylene film of 200 micron thickness is most widely used.

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Rural Technology