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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Study of Goat

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Rural Technology


Important of Breeds of Goats

Feed Habits

Routine Mangment Practices

Housing for goats

Health Control


Goat is a small multipurpose animal. In our country goat is raised by the small farmers and poor landless labourers for milk, meat, fibre, skin and manure. Many farmers raise one or two goats to subsidize their family income in sub-urban or rural conditions. While others keep a band of 30-50 as professional goat keepers, on whose income a family of 3-5 people survive. Goat keeping can serve as a constraint source of income to small farmers and landless labourers. It is now well recognized as a small scale cottage industry. Under modern management of stall feeding and hygienic milking off flavour in milk is no more a problem. It’s milk and milk products are highly digestible and nutritious and should be encouraged for use. The goat meat (chevon) is delicious health, gives protein and probably one of the best priced meat in rurual areas.


After going this lesson, you will be able to:

  • explain the important breeds of goats
  • define feeding of goats and kids
  • describe the routine management practices in Goat
  • explain housing of Goats
  • define health control in Goats


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Rural Technology