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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Study of Soil and Climate

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Rural Technology



Types of Soils

Soil Improvement



Soil is an important matter for cultivation of crops. Soil supplies all the important factors for the growth of the crop plants. The yielding potential is largely dependent on the soil in which the crops are grown. The type and properties of soil directly affect the crop growth and yield, hence management and conservation of soil should be done with interest. Climate also is a factor that affects the crop growth and productivity. As we all know Indian agriculture is largely dependent on climatic conditions. The changing weather scenario affect the yield and quality of crop plants and one should find the ways to tackle the problem of such weather effects.


After reading this lesson you will be able to:-

  • learn the importance of soil and climate in crop production.
  • define the methods of soil improvement and conservation.
  • explain climatic parameters and their effect on crop plants.


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Rural Technology