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NIOS Silver Jubilee Year

Surveying & Instruments for Plane Table Survey

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Rural Technology

“Surveying is an art of making measurements on the surface of the earth. Plane Table is a graphical method of surveying in which the field works and plotting is done simultaneously”.

  • 1) The Drawing Board: The board is made of well-seasoned wood such as teak or pine and varies in size from 16” X 12” to 18” X 24” rectangular. It is mounted on a tripod in such a manner that it can be leveled, and revolved about a vertical axis and clamped in any position.
  • 2) The Alidade : The alidade consists of a metal ruler about 18” long. It has rectangular holes with a fine wire held vertically in the opening. While using the alidade, the user sights an object and lines it up with the wires in each vane.
  • 3) A compass is for marking the north direction on the paper .
  • 4) A plumbing fork with a plumb bob for centering the table.
  • 5) Tripod : A tripod is a three-legged stand for a drawing board , used to stabilize the drawing board.
  • 6) Other items: Paper, Pins, Pencil , Rubber , Scale etc.
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Rural Technology