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Rural Technology


A manually operated device for closing & opening a circuit is known as switch. One way switch ( single pole), two way switch, Bell push, double pole switch ( D.P. switch)

Single Pole Switch-

Flush, wll mounting or switches is the most popular switches in domestic wiring. The flush (piano) switch must be fixed on a PVC gangbox or on wooden box. The gangboxes ate available in 1gang 2,3, 4, & 6 gang according to no. of switches. Standard gang boxes are designed so that the switch is fixed by screw directly or indirectly (push pull type) 0. (fig ) One way switch to has current rating 6amperes. These are used for light & fan point rating of power switches is 16 amperes & are used for freeze, mixer, washing machine, geezer, etc. (fig.-S.P. switch)

Two-way switch-

This type of switch having 3 terminals. Centre terminal, is known as common terminal (c). Above terminal of common terminal is Upper terminal (u) & below of the common terminal is Lower terminal (L). Two way switch has current rating 6 amperes only. These are used for stair case wiring, godown wiring, hospital wiring. (fig.- Two-way switch)


This type of switch having two terminals with spring loaded push button. When we push it makes the circuit temporarily & attends break position when released. It is used in call bell circuit, current rating is 6 ampere & suitable for 250V only. (fig.- Bellpush)

D.P. Switch (Double Pole Switch)-

This switch is consist of double pole switch, fuse, fuse link & neon indicator. These switches are used as main switches to controlled main or branch circuit in domestic installation. They are available in 10ampere, 16ampere & 32 ampere & suitable for 250V only. (fig.- D.P. switch)

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Rural Technology