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Rural Technology

Vaccination is important for the prevention of diseases. Vaccination increases Immune power of human body to fight against microorganisms that causes disease. Because of vaccination body is always prepared to remove disease causing microorganism from the body. A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. Vaccine (injection) of any particular disease contains disease causing microorganism of that disease only. Many times these microorganisms are killed or weakened form. Vaccine stimulates body’s Immune system to recognize disease causing microorganism and destroy it. Do you Know……… Vaccine is discovered by Edward Jenner's in 1796 (Small pox vaccine)

Methods of administration:

Administration of vaccine may be

• Oral ( E.g. Polio drops)
• By injection (intramuscular, intradermal, subcutaneous injections like BCG, DPT, Hepatitis etc)
• By puncture
• Transdermal ( Under the skin)

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Rural Technology