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Water Service

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Mindmap.pngConcept Map

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This OER enables you to:

  • Explain the importance of systematic, efficient and hygienic service of water
  • Collect the equipment required to serve water
  • Skillfully serve water to the guest.


Read the following scenarios

Scenario 1:

You and your family are seated at a restaurant. The waiter gets four stained glasses with four fingers dipped in them and places them on the table. He overfills a glass making the table cloth wet. When you are about to drink the water you see some particles floating in water.

Scenario 2:

You and your family are seated at a restaurant. Waiter carries clean dry glasses on a tray. He places each of them on the table holding the base of the glass. He then gets a jug with water. Carefully fills each glass till 3/4th without spilling a drop of water anywhere.

It is obvious from the above that you prefer second scenario

The Food and Beverage service staff in a restaurant needs to follow a correct sequence of service starting from service of water. The water is served as soon as the guest is seated; hence we need to follow a systematic sequence of water service. The service needs to be efficient as delay and inefficient service may disappoint the guest as a result of which he won’t visit the restaurant again.


Chilled water or plain water is offered according to the weather conditions. Cleanliness and hygienic conditions need to be followed while serving water as we do not want our guests to fall sick. Most guests these days prefer taking packaged water or mineral water. Before serving, it is necessary to ask for the preference of the guest if they want mineral/bottled water or regular water. According to the preference there can be two ways of serving water

Equipment required for service of water

  • Water Glass
  • Waiter’s cloth
  • Water Jug or Water Bottle

Service of water

There are two ways of serving water according to the preference of guest: a. Service of bottled water b. Service of regular water

1. Service of bottled water

  • The order of the bottled water is taken from the guest according to the choices available
  • Take the sealed bottle in a properly folded waiter’s cloth
  • The bottle should be presented to the guest with the label of the bottle facing the guest to confirm the brand that he has ordered


  • After confirming, the seal must be opened in front of the guest.
  • Pour the water in the glass till an inch below the rim of the glass.
  • Place the bottle on the guests’ table if not empty

2. Service of Regular water

  • Take the water jug to the guests’ table on a neatly folded waiter’s cloth.
  • Pour the water in the glass till an inch below the rim of the glass.
  • Take the jug back to the sideboard

Guidelines to be followed while serving water

  • Water is served as soon as the guest is seated
  • Turn the glass right side up if placed upside down.
  • Do not pour the water till the rim as it can spill on the table or on the guest
  • While serving water, the posture of the service staff should be such that his right foot is in front to avoid showing back to the guest.
  • After pouring the water in the glass, wait for the last drop to fall in glass or wipe off the last drop with the help of waiter’s cloth from the spout of jug or mouth of bottle.

Points to remember

  • Always check the glass is spotless and clean
  • Glass is placed on the top right side on the table so water is served from right hand side of the guest to avoid inconvenience
  • If the water is cold, wipe the bottle or jug off the droplets of water to avoid slipping.
  • Do not pick the glass in hand for pouring water.
  • Avoid being too close and bending down while serving water to avoid inconvenience to guest.

Ways of serving water:

There are two ways of serving water:

a. Silver Service of water.
b. Filling and Service of prefilled glasses.


Challenge your friend: TRY IT!

Both you and your friend stand on opposite sides of the table. Place six glasses upside down in a row in front of each one. Hold a jug of water in one hand. See who can turn and fill all glasses first till 3/4th without spilling the water anywhere.(the glass has to be placed on the table while pouring water).


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