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What is First Aid

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The immediate treatment that is given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness before any medical help arrives is called “First Aid”. Emergency care is required at any time in life and first aid provided at right time not only saves life but also prevents gross damage of essential parts of the body. Aim of First Aid:

  • It saves Life.
  • Helps in early recovery.
  • Prevent worsening of the victim’s condition.
  • To reduce pain and sufferings.

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Important Rules of First Aid:

When you are giving first aid to the victim, you are lessening the pain and making him/her comfortable before the arrival of medical help. For this you have to follow some basic rules, as follows:
1) Be calm–Try to be calm so that you can provide proper first aid to the victim.
2) Disperse the crowd–In case of road accident, try to keep surrounding people away from the victim and loosen his cloths so that he can breathe easily.
3) Move the victim in a suitable safe place–If the victim has received burns or an electric shock or is choking due to smoke then take him away from the accidental spot.
4) Give artificial respiration–If the patient is having difficulty in breathing, artificial respiration must be given.
5) Call for a medical help or take the victim to a hospital immediately.

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Rural Technology