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What is a Flow Chart?

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Rural Technology

Flow chart is graphical representation of a process, with the details of sequence, inputs, outputs, tools used, time taken etc. This helps us in better planning. Since you know the processes in step-by-step flow, you can concentrate more on smaller steps instead of feeling burdened by the whole process.

Types of Flow Charts

There are mainly two types:

  • i) Basic Flow Charts;
  • ii) Straight Line Diagrams (SLD).
  • Basic Flow Charts need Symbols, SLD do not necessarily need symbols.

Benefits of flow Charts

  • 1) A sequential, precise and short description of a process can be obtained.
  • 2) Chances to overlook or miss any step, input-output elements are reduced.
  • 3) Misuse of elements or tools can be located precisely.

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Rural Technology